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The Getrag 260 trans from the E30 is a longer ratio 5 speed, which will be preferable for certain BP-powered cars.

6 in. k20a r Gear ratio : 1st - 3.

Part Number: MGR-GM10-411A.

738 Reverse 3.

Gear, Ring and Pinion, 3. Designed as a Drop in replacement Kit, Synchro engagement. 49 complete our range of two-stage helical-bevel gear units.


All you need is one socket and an oil tray. Ratios: 1st – 2. .

42. This system forgoes the use of a conventional.



B-Series D-Series H/F-Series K-Series Ratio (:1) Max MPH : 1st Gear : 2nd Gear : 3rd Gear. skunk2civic Discussion Starter.

Suitable for street and race K20 or K24 where very close ratio applications are required, such sprints, hill climbs, road race. 73 - down (smaller.

Still, the 14-bolt semi-float is a solid axle for a lot of applications.
29: four sizes allow for torques from 80 Nm to 500 Nm.
Designed and manufactured in-house at Quaife's Sevenoaks, Kent facility, the QKE10J 6-speed sequential gearkit retains the original bellhousing side of the FK2/FK8 gearbox, with a Quaife manufactured alloy transmission casing, which retains the original mounting points and driveshafts, and incorporates Quaife's state-o.


764 2004 type s Manual 1st gear 3.

GQ-1 std ratio is either 2. 73 gears and you will have a slug off the line. How to choose the correct Ring & Pinion: Each ring and pinion gear set sold below is for replacement use only.

06. '82 K20 Silverado P/U 6. own it now, 12 monthly interest-free payments of $370. As already mentioned, if you are okay with 4. 8.

Engine type: K20A Engine: Watercooled L4 DOHC Displacement (cc): 1998 Bore x Stroke (mm): 86.

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I hope this will help to identify the rear end.



As already mentioned, if you are okay with 4.

Things like adding a bigger cam make great higher RPM horsepower but it will come at the expense of low end torque.