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The Killer7 also features 5x Critical Rate as its Exclusive Upgrade, massively.

com/playlist?list=PLp21dhFl9zt6. 81.

Resident Evil Revelations limits the amount of Magnum Ammo the player can carry instead of taking up a space.


Resident Evil 4 features two types of Magnum ammunition,. . .

50 Magnum for the Handcannon.

Honestly, the Broken Butterfly is the better magnum. ago. 0.

. The earliest place it can be snagged is as soon as players enter the Castle itself.



Resident Evil 4 Remake Magnum Gun KILLER-7 MAX POWER Upgrade ShowcaseResident Evil 4 Remake Guide Playlist : https://youtube. Less powerful but so much more accurate and precise.

Resident Evil 4 features two types of Magnum ammunition,. Apr 10, 2023 · 0.

Of course, both.
updated Mar 26, 2023.


Cloco30 11 years ago #10.

. Even in the remake, this gun still hits like a truck. Mar 25, 2023 · The Broken Butterfly is the first magnum weapon that you can acquire in Resident Evil 4 Remake, available for 42,000 coins after reaching Chapter 7 (unless at a discount).

The killer 7 is better "out of the box" so to speak, its stronger than the bb when you get it initially since you have to upgrade the bb alot before you even reach the killer 7's initial power. All Magnums Are Fully Upgraded And all Enemies Are On Pro Mode00:00. . . . .


The Magnums are Fully Upgraded And Enemies Are on Pro Mode00:00. Aug 10, 2022 · The Broken Butterfly is the second most powerful weapon in the game.

Its exclusive upgrade gives you five times the likelihood.

I checked some guides when starting the game and they said that Broken Butterfly is the Magnum to go for until you can get the Killer7.

re: Broken Butterfly vs Killer 7 the K7 rules, sure the BB seems better, but the K7's easier overall cos its faster and easy to aim, not to mention the fact that the K7 looks all space age PN01.


On the one hand, the Broken Butterfly is the clear winner regarding raw power.