In this article, we will explore the history, physical description, temperament, noise level, and other key traits of Silver Appleyard ducks.

. The Silver Appleyards are labeled "Critical" by The Livestock Conservancy.

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Silver Appleyard ducks are a dual-purpose bird, bred for both their meat as well as their egg production capabilities.

S. “The Silver Appleyard is a large, sturdily built duck that weighs between seven to 10 pounds. .

This breed’s carriage varies from 15-25 degrees above horizontal and its body has a “blocky” conformation.

When Reginald Appleyard developed the Silver Appleyard, he wanted a big, colorful duck — and it just so happens that's what he got. Look what we got in the post today. com/silver-appleyard/#Where to Find Silver Appleyard Ducks For Sale" h="ID=SERP,5767.

75 out of 5. .


Apr 29, 2023 · Interesting Facts About Silver Appleyard Ducks Silver Appleyard ducks were developed in the mid-twentieth century by the British poultry breeder Reginald Appleyard,.

. +Breeds & Varieties that are officially recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA).

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They tend to have a stockier conformation.

A very nice Appleyard drake Photo courtesy of Matt Stillman.

The Livestock Conservancy says, "The Silver Appleyard is a large, sturdily built duck that weighs between 8-9 pounds.

. Appleyard’s are great foragers, with calm temperaments and we would say friendly for a duck. ) They tend to get larger faster.

. . . Rose Hill Farm has two breeding lines of Silver Appleyard ducks. . .

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The Silver Appleyard are the best egg layers among the heavy weight ducks that can often hatch and raise their own ducklings and said to have the most flavorful meat. Unlike most dual-purpose breeds that mature slowly, Silver Appleyards mature quickly and can reach over six pounds in only eight weeks.


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